Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day aftermath

The boys got lots of Valentine's Day sweets from their friends at school. Some moms got really Pinteresty, but some, like me, just did an old school valentine. That makes me feel a little better for my lack of creativity (or interest) in making cool Valentines. Maybe next year...but doubtful. 

I'm sure the boys got all sugared up during their party at school that afternoon so when we got home, they wanted to play outside for a while. The day was nice and the sun was still out, so have at it! They had gotten some bubbles in their Valentine's baskets so we had a bubble party. So fun! 

William popping all the bubbles

Stokes INSISTED that he wanted to blow bubbles. I had
to teach him a few tricks and he did pretty well!

Go buddy!

Bubbles are the best, right?!?!?

I got some more love that evening with kisses from all my boys! Notice I'm wearing a {new} purple Clemson jersey. Thomas got me a #4 jersey for Valentine's day. I put it on over my clothes and when the boys saw it, they really, really wanted to put on their Clemson jerseys!!!




He wouldn't participate to give me a kiss on the lips for the camera


Thomas and I waited until we put the boys down for bed to have our dinner, so we could eat in peace and really enjoy our meal, as opposed to scarfing down bites in between feeding Ryan a bite and telling his brothers to sit, or eat, or to stop doing [whatever - fill in the blank here]. We had filets from the New York Butcher Shoppe, loaded mashed potatoes and asparagus with a bottle of wine that we brought back from wine country last year. Delicious dinner!

I'm a lucky lady! <3

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