Friday, February 24, 2017

First Trip to the Dentist - Ryan

For the final dental post in this series, I present...drumroll, please...Ryan's first dentist appointment!

I've mentioned it in the other dental posts and about three thousand times to various friends, family, acquaintances, therapists, people in line at the grocery store (kidding!), etc, but I was worried and nervous about this appointment. Ryan has some sensory sensitivities and does not like things in his mouth. Thomas and I have gotten to a point that we can brush his teeth, but it's not always easy. There are sometimes tears and/or gagging involved, and we typically have to put something in his hand to prevent him from pushing our hand or the toothbrush away from his mouth. Did I mention that he's pretty strong?!?! LOL. Anyway, I was concerned about having someone else working on his teeth, not knowing his signs and tendencies. I was worried he might cry (which would not be all that unusual for the dentist's office, I'm sure) and also work himself up to make himself sick from the crying (that happens sometimes), or gag and lose his breakfast right there in the office. There were a number of things that could happen that I was worried about.

I know I must sound like a neurotic mess, but I honestly was not nervous at all about either of other boys' appointments. Ryan's just different. And it did not help that this appointment was the same day as my mom's birthday, so I was a bit emotional from the get-go.

All in all, my worries were unfounded - shocker! The appointment went just fine. There was no gagging, no vomit, no major scenes. He didn't always like what was happening and he got a little upset and cried (just a little!!!!) but I was able to distract him and quickly help him get over being upset. I held his hands and sometimes helped to hold his chin down to keep his mouth open. The hygienist and dentist were very sweet and understanding and did everything they could to keep Ryan and me comfortable.

Ryan in the lobby waiting for the appointment

Not totally loving it...

Sweet baby!

Always happy :)

With the dentist

Post-appointment: glad to be done!
I promise I won't be so worried and nervous next time we go to the dentist. I'm glad to have this "first" checked off the list and in the rear view mirror. I'm proud of Ryan and his brothers for knocking their dental appointments out of the park!


  1. Great job, Ry Ry! And momma too! 😉

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  3. It is extremely important to start taking children early to the dentist. My husband and I did this with our daughter and after a few rough early visits, she has gotten much better when going in for check ups. She has had no cavities either, which is really excited for us. Taking her to the dentist at a young age was a great decision.

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