Friday, July 6, 2018

OIB 2018

The beach posts always make me procrastinate. How can you sum up a week of fun at the beach into one little post? Plus, I know it will take a while to go through the thousands of pictures I take to determine which ones will make the blog. Delay, delay, delay.

We switched it up this year and went to Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Thomas and I had been there only once before for a weekend, but I didn't know a whole lot about it. It is a great beach town! We found an incredible house to rent (and took advantage of non-peak rates - woot woot!) by going early, before public school got out for the summer. We went with Lisa, Joey and Davis again and got a little short visit from Steph, Clark and Ava Lane. Great friends make a vacation that much better!

I won't go into too much detail, but almost everyone at our house got sick at one point or another. Thomas and Ryan were the only two that survived unscathed. There was quite a bit of quarantining, cleaning, staying in bed, laundry, etc - all the usual things that go along with people being sick. That was a real bummer, and we got some rain, especially early on in the week, but the house and the beach were both GREAT.

I know what you all come here for - and it's not my blabber about every little thing we did and activities each day. You want the pictures! Cute kids on the beach - the cutest!!!! Here you go, my friends. Words are done, here's a glance at our week in pics.

Handsome Ryan on the deck
Thomas and Joey cooking dinner

Low country boil

William and Mama selfie

Aunt Steph with William and Ava

Morning time!

William and Stokes in the ocean

Dada getting Ryan's feet wet

How cute is she?!?!?!
Ava Lane loves her Auntie Katie. <3

Thomas and the boys

Family pic

William and Ava Lane building sand castles

Stokes - definition of a cool guy

Beach naps are the best!

Under the Sportbrella

Snuggling with William...

...and he fell asleep on me!

Dada and Ryan selfie

Wild Man

Stokes and Ava

Mays family

Our family

Steph and me at Ocean Isle Fish Co.

Thomas and Stokie

Kiddos after dinner
(Davis was sick or he'd be in the pic!)

Ryan, Stokes and Dada wearing
red, white and blue on Memorial Day

Family beach walk
Ryan got a lift in the wagon

Stokes, William and Davis playing in the sand

Bath time for these 3!

Ry and Stokie

Cute brothers

He is so happy and sweet!

Thomas dug them a big hole!

Peery boys

Lisa and the boys in the pool


Dada and Stokes relaxing!
This pic was taken from the deck on the 2nd story
and the pool was ground level

Family pic before dinner in Calabash

Cool guys relaxing at the pool

So picturesque

My handsome boys

Ryan hanging out with Mama

Italian Ice carts on the beach! YES!

Enjoying our treat!

Dada helping Ryan in the pool

Evening walk...

"Come on, Mama!"




Mama swimming with Stokes and William

Stokes working on the hole

Ice cream on our last night at the beach!

Sweet boys!

Hard to leave this view....

Take me back!

I loved going to the beach at the beginning of the summer....when it was the beginning of the summer. Now I'm so sad that our vacation is over! I wish we were going for a week again. We are open to going to Ocean Isle again but our house that we loved is booked for next year. We'll see if we end up at OIB again or if we try something else.*

*Pawley's Island is still my favorite and nothing else will compare. You can't overcome the emotional connection with all the memories. :)

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