Friday, June 29, 2018

4K Graduation

Cue the teeny, tiny (basically NEWBORN) babies had their 4K Graduation from school. Stokes and William are graduating from 4K! Ryan is still in a 3 year old class for now. Our preschool combines the 4K and 5K graduation and they do a great job. There's a slide show of a baby picture followed by a current picture in cap and gown for each of the kids and it's just so sweet to watch! The whole group sang several songs, some songs even had motions, and then they got called up one by one to get a "diploma". After the ceremony, there was a reception with refreshments and each kid had a little yearbook, a certificate and a framed picture in their cap and gown. It was all adorable!

We had a little heartburn about it, however, as the week or so leading up to it, William kept talking about how he didn't want to graduate and wasn't going to graduation. They'd had quite a few graduation practices as school and he just wasn't on board. I'm not sure what all that was about but he ended up being a total ham during the ceremony!


They're on the front row with our sweet friend from church,
Ashley, between them

Singing their songs

Ryan loved it and was clapping for his bros

William getting his "diploma"
Side note: he took his cap off halfway
through and wouldn't put it back on

Stokes getting his "diploma"

Side note: he LOVED playing with his tassle


Let the celebration begin!

Graduation family picture

Next up: our BEACH trip! Woot woot! Stay tuned for that post.

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