Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Father's Day 2018

Father's Day preparation for this year was a little hectic because I had been gone on a work trip to Buffalo the whole week leading up to Thomas's Father's Day weekend. And by "preparation", I am referring to the annual DAD pic. I had to work hard to get the annual "DAD" picture after I got home from my trip and before Thomas got home from work on Friday afternoon so it would be a surprise for him. Then we were at the lake all day on Saturday (re: Matt's lake house) so it was a whirlwind before waking up on Sunday morning for Father's Day. We went to church, had a quiet and chill day at the house and then Thomas grilled for us for dinner. We gave him our gifts and the annual pic, which he loved. The boys, once again, didn't totally cooperate, so none of the pictures is 100% perfect. Here are the best ones though!

Thomas's birthday was the very next day so he had back to back celebrations. It, too, was a low key day consisting of school and work, but we had a nice dinner and he got more gifts in honor of his birthday. After all the travel and being gone at the lake on Saturday, I think he appreciated just being home and taking it easy.

I can't say enough about the dad and husband Thomas is. He takes such great care of us and keeps us laughing and smiling. There is no one that I'd rather have by my side in this journey called parenthood. I hope he realizes just how loved and adored he is!

Annual DAD pic flashback:
Still kicking myself that I didn't get a DAD pic in 2015! :(



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