Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ryan's first day of school 2017

Ryan's special needs school started up their fall semester this morning. I drove him to school this morning and took him to a new classroom. His new teacher had some health things come up and isn't able to start the school year, so I regrettably did not get to meet her. I did see from familiar faces, however, and Ryan was happy to see Ms. Natalie as one of his class assistants this year, since she was also his class assistant last year. He gets to keep all his same therapists that he had last year and over the summer and his best friend from his old class is in his new class, too.

I can't wait to get feedback on how the first day of school went!

Here's some pictures of my sweet boy from this morning.

Stokes and William posing with their brother.
We're teaching them how to hold Ryan's hands to help him stand.
But....we need some more practice here. It was a little "iffy".
I was standing verrrryyy close by. 
Ryan: First Day of K4
Oh hey, Handsome!

With Ms. Natalie

With Ms. Jasmine (aka Jaz)


Leannnning backward & getting scared

Leannnnning forward and getting scared

Poor baby! :(

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