Friday, July 21, 2017

Swim lessons

We signed Stokes and William up for swim lessons with the lifeguards at our pool. It was a 2 week class with 30 minute evening sessions Mon. - Thurs. of each week. It's really incredible to see the progress made at each class. They had a blast and got so excited at the end of the school day because they knew they were going to the POOL!

They took the class with their little buddy and backyard neighbor, Ben, which was cool because I got to talk to his parents during the class and we all were pretty much the same with when we needed to step in and try to discipline or when we needed to hang back. I say the discipline comment because these little fish just wanted to go underwater the whole time and had their heads under and couldn't hear what their swim teacher wanted them to do! Rascals!

Anyway, it was mostly a safety based class and they learned how to kick, "scoop ice cream" aka do arm strokes, bob in the water, jump in from the side and touch the bottom, use the wall to move around the pool and float. I'm not going to exaggerate at all and say that we have "swimmers" or even that they can go 100% without puddle jumpers, but they did make GREAT progress. Not only that, but we now have the tools we need to work with them on the weekends to continue to teach them what to do.

Both of these videos were from the first week of swim lessons. My videos from the second week, when they were doing more on their own, haven't uploaded yet. Let's all sing together: I love technology!

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