Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Family Summer Picnic

Thomas's work has a summer picnic each year for the families of the employees. We've missed it most years for one reason or another, but we got to go this year and it was at the Greenville Zoo! It was a couple of weekends ago (I'm once again behind in posting) on a Saturday evening. Apart from it being 10 million degrees outside, we had such a fantastic time. We got to meet kids and babies we hadn't met before, see old friends and acquaintances, eat shaved ice and Moe's catering, see animals, hear some fun live music, and hang out with some of our faves, the Mays family. What's not to love about that?

Watching the monkeys

William, Steph, me, Ava Lane, Stokes & Ryan
It was seriously really hot. The only saving grace of being completely sweaty is that everyone else was a hot, sweaty mess, too. We had Ryan's Frogg Togg towel to help keep him cool, but of course, could not pass up the opportunity to take him through the mister to cool off a little. The progression of Ryan going through the mister...

He LOVED it!

We went into an educational room that had a parrot, a snake and this big bug!

Stokes petting a hissing cockroach

William petting it, too

We  finally got to meet Lakely!
William loved touching her feet!

Face paint time! When Thomas and Clark got in line for food, Steph and I took all the kids to this picnic area to wait. The Upstate Children's Museum had some displays set up with games and some big building blocks, which was pretty fun. There were also a few face painters there and the kids could pick out what they wanted to get. William got a bat (like a Halloween bat - not baseball) and a football and Stokes got a cupcake and a football. Later on I got Ryan a tiger paw. :)

We got some dinner, played a lot, danced to some fun live Caribbean music with the awesome band that was playing and just had FUN. I appreciate Thomas's company doing things like this where we can go and have a good time, kids included!

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