Monday, July 24, 2017

Girls, Nanas and a DATE

A few weekends ago and a couple of days leading up to that weekend was fun due to some sweet, sweet visitors we had! The Nanas came and brought cousin Kaitlyn and cousin Whitney. The girls were so patient and sweet to the boys. The boys absolutely thought that K & W hung the moon. They got here on Wednesday night and then I kept the boys home from school on Thursday so that they could all hang out while I was in meetings (except for Ryan, who went to school so that he wouldn't miss his therapy, but I picked him up early that afternoon). The kids all had a fun time playing outside and hanging out with family.

Whitney, Kaitlyn and William
Ryan and Nana Wanda
Kaitlyn and Whitney slept on an air mattress in the bonus room/my office/total junk room (EEK) and the boys were crushed when we told them they couldn't sleep on the air mattress with their cousins! We said that when they woke up in the morning, they could go in there and wake the girls up or sleep in with them. The boys did not forget that overnight and the very first thing they did was go to the bonus room and get in bed with the girls. It was adorable!

William in bed with the girls - snuggling up!
Ryan and Nana
Kaitlyn and Whitney came to swim lessons on Thursday.
This was taken before the lesson started.

On Thursday evening, after swim lessons, we had Terry, Carole and MaSha join us for dinner and good old fashioned catching up. It was a fun night! 

Terry making Ryan laugh
The ladies!
Terry, Carole, me, Nana Wanda, MaSha, Nana
Kaitlyn with Ryan and Stokes

On Friday morning, the Nanas and the girls left to go down to Charleston to take Kaitlyn back home. Her dad had weekend plans and needed her home on Friday, and we were so sad to see her go. 

Friday morning picture before school/road trip

Hugs and...

The Nanas and Whitney came back late that afternoon after driving back and forth so that they could break up their trip and not have to drive all the way back to Chattanooga from Charleston, which is a really long drive! It was great to have them here, and Thomas and I took full advantage, because we got to have a date night! We had worked it out in advance and asked the Nanas if they'd be willing to watch the kids and let us go out. The Tams were here for a free concert in Mauldin. We LOVE beach music and shagging. So I was thrilled to get to go. I saw my old cheerleading coaches from high school and several friends and acquaintances. Despite the heat, it was a great night out and we had a blast...until the sky opened up and it rained like crazy. We could see the storm was coming but kept hoping that it would change directions or miss us altogether, but once that thunder started cracking, everyone grabbed their tailgate chairs and rushed back to their cars. Even the Tams were singing and carrying their mics but heading back into the building to get out of the storm. When we got to Thomas's truck, it absolutely unloaded. We could hardly see to drive back home! So our date night got cut a bit shorter than we had hoped, but we had a really great time, nonetheless. 

My honey and me on a DATE NIGHT!
Opening act
The Tams performing and people shagging.
See the guy in the red beret out in the crowd?!?!
He's the lead singer!

Meanwhile back at the house...

William, Whitney and Stokes

riding bikes

With Nana
Ryan was inside with Nana Wanda!
Saturday morning...
Nana Wanda and Stokes
Nana and the boys
With sweetie RyRy

Everyone had to leave on Saturday morning to go back home and it always makes me so sad when they have to leave. There's too much time between visits. We know we'll see them at Thanksgiving, but hopefully we can plan something before then, too. 

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  1. I love that picture of you and T! And Kaitlyn is so beautiful. I can't believe how much she's grown!