Thursday, June 29, 2017

VBS 2017

Last week our church hosted Vacation Bible School, aka VBS, and it was the boys's first time to go due to age requirements (and my willingness to give it a try with our crazy crew)! I volunteered for the event and was the crew leader over a group that included my boys and 3 other 3-year-olds. I also had a youth helper to keep the kiddos in line for our crew and we joined up with another crew of 3-year-olds to do our rotations. It was such a fun experience with music, dancing, crafts, playtime, story time, prayers and fellowship. The VBS theme was Hero Central, which had superhero characters and themed songs woven in.

Bildergebnis für cokesbury vbs 2017

The boys loved VBS! I learned quickly that since it was during the evening (6 - 8:30 pm each night), I needed to pack a snack/light dinner for them to eat in the car on the drive from school to church (quesadillas and sandwiches were pretty good choices). They would get another snack and a popsicle during VBS, but if they didn't have something at least a little substantial, it was not good. Also, the time frame created late nights for us each night last week. After baths and milk, the boys were getting in bed between 9 and 9:30 and they had to be up again at regular time the next morning for school. Sleepy boys! Sometimes their VBS behavior would give away how tired they actually were, and it didn't help that Mama was their crew leader (I think they would have listened better to someone else if I wasn't around). EEK. So, they weren't always exemplary, but we survived!

Ryan took off a couple of days due to his seizure last Monday, but he was there for the first and last nights. Stokes also took off a day when he wasn't feeling well at school and had a little fever. William had perfect attendance for VBS!

After working all day, then doing VBS in the evenings, I was exhausted each night! It take a lot of energy to corral 3-year-olds for a few hours!

Funny note: the boys loved VBS and each day they would be all excited to go when I picked them up from school. They lovingly referred to it as "BBS" - I guess it is a little difficult to distinguish between a V and a B when you don't know what the letters stand for. Ha!

My Superheroes...





Singing and Dancing!

The boys with Flame and Captain Shield!

Here's a picture from one of the sweet girls that was in my crew (she made it just for me)! Things like this make the tiring evenings all worth it.

We will plan to be back at VBS next year after having such a positive experience this time on our first go round.

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