Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Celebrating DAD and happy day

Father's Day was extra special this year because it was also Thomas's birthday! They're always going to be around the same time, but to have them on the same day this year made it a double awesome day.

I got the annual DAD picture for him. I think this will be such a treasure in the upcoming years. Can't you just imagine seeing 18 or so of these pictures lined up? I actually missed 2015 (whoops) but I'm on a mission to get them every year from here on out. For past pictures, check out the bottom of this post! ;)

We love DAD!

It's hard to choose which picture is best because I took so, so many of these pictures and in each one 2 out of 3 are smiling or looking at the camera or doing something cute and the other one is totally not into it. This is when I realize that it may be a better idea to transpose 3 separate pictures together, which I have done in previous years.

The whole weekend was fun. We went to the pool for a while on Saturday afternoon.

I got a babysitter for us that evening and Thomas and I went out on the town! We actually stayed our in our area versus going downtown but we had a fabulous time!

First off we visited the bar at Arizona Steakhouse to get a cocktail before dinner.

Then we went to dinner at Stella's. This is seriously an incredibly fabulous farm to table restaurant in an unassuming little shopping center not too far from us.

birthday dessert for the birthday boy!

We had such a fun date night in honor of both Father's Day and his birthday.

Sunday was a great day all around. I let him sleep in (relative term because there's really no such thing as sleeping in, but he didn't have to get up right when the boys awoke) and had a yummy breakfast cooked for him. After breakfast all the boys wanted to love on their Dada.

This is a great way to start any day!

Then we went to church and then came home and continued the celebration!

birthday cookie cake time
Then it was time to open presents. I made sure that he got double the gifts so that he wouldn't feel slighted to share his birthday and Father's Day. 

Tickets to Jason Aldean

Daddy snuggles

Making Ryan laugh

We love you, Thomas, and are happy to celebrate you double! You're the best dada and husband around!

Prior years's DAD pictures!



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