Monday, November 6, 2017

Professional Beach Pictures

Before we went to the beach with the Pruetts, Lisa and I texted about potentially getting some professional pictures done there, similar to how we'd done two years ago. I saw a Facebook post one of my friends had done featuring a local PI photographer, so we reached out, got pricing and booked him.

The day of the photo shoot went great! The weather cooperated, with the exception of a few drizzles right at the end, the lighting was beautiful, the sunset was unreal and we were so excited about the potential of these pictures!

The photographer told us that we'd probably have some to look through before the end of the week. We didn't hear from him, and didn't think too much of it. After we got home, I was starting to get antsy. I really, really wanted to see these awesome pictures! But still, no word. Finally, he reached out and I had a bad feeling. He basically told us that his memory card was corrupted and he didn't have any of our pictures. He felt horrible about it and told me he had lost sleep, had done everything he could to no avail and that something like that had never, ever happened to him before. I was, of course, very disappointed, but hey, it's not like it was a wedding or something that could never be recreated! He was very nice, sent our money back and even offered to do another shoot for us for free. I knew he really felt very upset and regretful about the whole thing.

Lisa had heard about a way that you can recover pictures from situations like this one. She reached out to him to see if anything could be done. I think he felt like he had done everything he could and wasn't able to recover the pictures. We basically moved on.

Then, miraculously, he called me about a week or so later. HE RECOVERED THE PICTURES! I was beyond excited to finally get a look at them! I loved so many of them!!!! Here's a summary for y'all to see, too!

What we get for trying to make four 4 year olds take pictures together!

I couldn't stand not to post this picture of Davis. How handsome is he?!?!? This looks like a modeling shot to me. :)

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  1. These pictures are so beautiful!!! And Katie, you are looking extra gorgeous!