Thursday, September 7, 2017

FOUR years old

Friday, August 25th marked the boys's 4th birthday. We really didn't do a whole lot that day out of the ordinary because we had done their birthday party the Saturday before and were leaving for the beach on the 26th, which, let's be honest, is the best birthday present ever!

We woke them up with balloons in their room.

Good morning, birthday boys!

Playing with balloons

Poor Ryan - he wasn't in a great mood that morning.
Hey! We're Four!

We got them dressed (in their birthday party fire truck outfits, of course!) and went downstairs for a special birthday breakfast of pancakes! With candles!

special birthday pancakes

William told me his wish and it was "for a birthday candle!" Wish granted. ;)

Then I made them sit on the steps and do the obligatory brother picture for their birthday.

Ryan was still not happy

Showing me how old they are!


I picked up Krispy Kreme donuts that morning and sent them to Ryan's special needs school on the bus to give to the kids in his class there. I sent Stokes and William's class popsicles for an afternoon treat and Rice Krispies treats for Ryan's after school class treat. Apparently the snacks all went over well! 

I picked them up early from school and Dada came and met us for dinner. We gave them a choice of what they wanted to eat and although "chocolate sandwiches" (aka Nutella sandwiches at home) was the overall winner, we went with the 2nd choice of Chick-Fil-A. We ate dinner there and let Stokes and William run amuck in the playground and they had such a great time playing with the other kids in there. Meanwhile, this little angel hung out with us at the table

In a much better mood than the morning

When we got home after dinner, we let the boys open up some of their cards from family and their presents from us.


Ryan got magnet tiles that he loves
to play with at school.

Stokes and William got cool scooters

It was a great birthday, and I cannot believe I have four year olds now!

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